The cases are designed to teach your students what the accountant actually does on the job. There are several cases for you to choose from. Click on Case Comparison for a listing of tasks that each case requires.

The tasks can be assigned in any order, with the exception of task 1 and 2 which must be completed first. Exhibit 1 and 2 are used as source data to complete other tasks. Tasks (other than 1 and 2) can be assigned in any order. Tasks related to concepts not discussed in class can be unassigned without impacting the other assigned tasks.

The case is organized by task and each task has a test. Students do the work on the task and it feeds the test that is submitted for grade. Students also answer 1 to 3 multiple choice questions on the test.

You will schedule the due dates for each test. Tests may not be submitted after the due date. Once a student submits a test the results are final and the test can not be submitted again.

Submitted tests will be automatically graded and an Excel grade report is available to you by download. The grade report gives the number correct out of the possible questions for each test for each student.It is recommended that each correct answer be worth one point. Total points will depend on how many tasks are assigned in each case.
Your may require students to print their work and bring it to class for class discussion.
You must register as a professor to set up your class (free):
1) Click on the professor box
2) Input your information in the correct fields. Please use your official school email address
To Set Up Your Class:
1) Login
2) Click on “Class Setup”
3) Enter the class name, time, and the class code. The class code is the link between you and the students in this class.Each class section must be set up separately and assigned a separate class code. Grade reports will be provided by class code. Students in this class will enter the class code and have access to only the case(s) you assign.
4) Select the case(s) you would like the class to complete by clicking on the box beside the case name. You may view the case the students will see by clicking on the case name. Please see student instructions for an overview of how the students will complete their work.
After Selecting Your Case(s):
5) Enter the due date of each task you would like to assign to the class. A calendar will appear when you click on the task box.

Important: You must enter a due date for each task in the case. If you are not assigning a particular task, enter the date the class ends.
6) Save the information you have entered.
You may change your class set up at any time by clicking on “View Class Detail”
You may download a grade report at any time by viewing “Grade Report” in the Class Setup page for each class.
Provide the class code to your students and you are ready to go!