1) Click on the Student box.  
  2) Click on the Register box.  
  3) Input your information in the correct fields. Use a login and password that is easy to remember. You must enter the class code that your professor assigned to your class. You must enter a valid email address. Submit    
  The next page is a Paypal payment screen. A Paypal account is not required. You may pay using your Paypal account or a credit or debit card.  
  4) To make payment with your Paypal account:
     Login to Paypal to pay using your Paypal account.
     Follow the normal steps as directed.
  5) To make payment using a credit or debit card:
     Click on “Continue” at the bottom left of the page.
         Input the information requested
       Click review order and continue
       Review your payment and go to the lower right and click Pay Now

       Click on Return to Learn Accounting to do your work.
  6) Enter your class code to access your case assigned by your professor  
  7) The case(s) your professor assigned will be listed. Click on the case name to begin your work.  
  Important: Do NOT begin your work until after you have read the instructions for working the cases. The instructions contain information that will make it easier to do your work.