LOGIN using the username and password you established when you registered.  
  Enter the CLASS CODE that was provided to you by your professor. If you do not use the correct class code you will not be associated with your professor and you will not receive credit for your work.  
  The case(s) assigned by your professor will be listed in purple. Click the name of the case to begin your work.    
  The Company Information for the case will appear.  
  "Very Important" The exhibits in the first row of tabs are for reference ONLY when doing your work. Do not input any data in the Exhibits in the first row. The correct answers for Exhibit 1 and Exhibit 2 will appear after your assigned due date. You must use the correct answers for Exhibit 1 and Exhibit 2 when doing the other tasks in the case. All other tasks may be assigned by your professor in any order.  
  Use the second row of tabs with Test numbers to do your work (Below the blue line)  
  Case Info and Inventory Reports is the information you will use to do your work. You will save time when working the case if you print this information and refer to it when working the case.  
  To Begin Your Work:  
  Click on Test 1:  
  When there is an Exhibit and a “T” , begin with the “T” (task). Read through the information associated with the task.  
1) Click on the yellow box and input amounts in the yellow box.

    Important: In some tasks you must input a negative number to subtract and in other tasks a positive number will     subtract. This is purposely not consistent from task to task. You must check your work for reasonableness and input     the amounts accordingly.
2) Click on another yellow box and the previous amount will be accepted.  
3) The white boxes will calculate all amounts accepted into the yellow boxes  
4) Save your work on each exhibit and task before going to the next page. The save button is at the top and bottom of the web page.  
5) After completing the task and exhibit, click on “Test #” to go to the related test.  
White boxes are automatically answered as a result of your work. You must enter the answer to the multiple choice question in the yellow box.
(You may use either upper or lower case for multiple choice answers.)
Click “Submit” after completing the task and answering all questions. You are allowed to submit a test only ONE time.
6) Click on “Case Info” to exit the test.      
7) Click on the next test and repeat the process for each test and task assigned  
Your professor may require you to print your work and take it to class for class discussion.  
The case is color coded to help you find the information you need.  
As you do the job, make note of the color of font that is used beside each input box.  
  Purple - Budget General Ledger : total amounts for estimated sales and expenses for the year  
Deep Red - Cost Sheet: product cost per unit for 1 product or service (product costs are direct material, direct labor and variable and fixed manufacturing overhead)  
Orange - Inventory Reports: actual purchases and used of all direct materials and finished goods (quantity and dollars)  
Green - Actual General Ledger: total amounts for actual sales and expenses for the year  
Black: Company Information, calculation, or information given in the task.  
The budget general ledger (Exhibit 1) and cost sheet (Exhibit 2) are estimates. This information is used for planning.  
Inventory reports and the actual general ledger (Exhibit 3) are actual information that will be used to report to management what actually occurred during the year of operating the business.